I Google translated this title to see what people would get, and it came out as “One Language.” Not the literal “tongue to tongue” I had intended, I guess&#

Tim talks about his life being a series of 6-month experiments and 2 week evaluations, and some other bits at the end. In response to a question from a listener about how one can d

Summer 2015 I decided to set a lofty (but I believed and still believe completely attainable) goal of doing something big. I settled on become a Nuclear Fusion scientist. With the

Just looked up Patreon for the first time and at a first glance my initial impressions: -Supporters can sign up to support on a monthly basis -Profile page is somewhat like a Faceb

I want to live. 18 more months of “work” after I get back. It will all be fine–I’ll save money, I’ll go on long weekend vacations. But I’m just