Just looked up Patreon for the first time and at a first glance my initial impressions:
-Supporters can sign up to support on a monthly basis
-Profile page is somewhat like a Facebook fan page
-It displays how much money per month the page is getting
-Focuses on what the page or group produces, and has examples and links

Very interesting. I noticed that “What I’ve Learned,” which I’ve recently come on to is making about $1,200 / month, Star Talk Radio, which I listened to religiously in 2015/16 is at about $5,000/month, Veritasium is at $3,800/month, and another channel I watch — LangFocus has its monthly support hidden.

edit-201707081100-4: Coming back into the post, I found two other pages, one that I’ve heard of before raking in approximately $50,000 / month. My goodness.

Very interesting.