Addressing Unhappiness and Opportunity

I just watched the "How to be an Entrepreneur" video ( by School of Life, and was expecting a discussion about passion and perseverance. What I got, however—characteristic of SoL videos—was a Malcolm-Gladwell-esque identification and examination of a little-considered factor that when the subject (in this case entrepreneurship) is viewed from a perspective of that factor, suddenly reveals itself to be a fundamental principle of success in that subject.

The above claims that the central focus of an entrepreneur should be to identify human problems, difficulties, sufferings, or unhappiness, and–not in their words, but to the same effect—to exploit them, by creating a product or service that alleviates these difficulties. Addressing the root of identifying a human pressure to alleviate will greatly increase the chances of success (making money), and will render the technical aspects of entrepreneurship (marketing, staffing, stocking, etc.) themselves less critical factors.