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Follow up to (Post 36)

Reading back to , one of the very few posts I made in my attempt to diary/journal back in 2016, I am now realizing/reinforcerizing how important constant writing is. It is a way to chronicle the thoughts, ideas, inspirations, motivations, plans, outlooks, that we all hold at any one time. I find myself going through 3-7 separate million-dollar ideas every minute. But only when I’m in a desperate or very inspired mood to I write them down.

I have lists and lists on my phone notes page. I’m a devlish note taker (and doodler, sketcher, grapher, lister, plan maker) at ‘work.’ But I don’t chronicle where I’m at usually with the big million dollar inspirations that come so frequently. Or with the waves of movements that course through me. —Like right now my current strong magenetic pull towards the East. To go do a workaway out there.