Lingua ad Linguam

I Google translated this title to see what people would get, and it came out as “One Language.” Not the literal “tongue to tongue” I had intended, I guess…

Following up with the previous few posts about writing, producing, and creating—and especially related to something that you are “passionate” about. I read another few articles today related to producing, these articles being specifically being related to producing products or services that can generate an automated, passive income. So not necessarily about producing a massive company, or a work of art masterpiece, but something with just enough to provide value to people who will pay for it. The idea being that it will be less work than an all-in endeavor, and so won’t see massive returns in income necessarily, but that it will be in a form that will allow you to passively collect income from its automated sales.

Addressing my previous experience on the topic (books: 4HWW, $100 Startup, Deep Work, Fluent in 3 Months; youtube: Fight Mediocrity, OnePercentBetter, Tai Lopez…numerous self-help videos) I had some thoughts earlier today that merged directly with a few of the articles/listicles that I read today in the above set of articles:

The articles mentioned writing an e-book. I had heard this before and have quickly written it off, but this time I actually started to think seriously about it. The article actually put it strictly in numbers: 20,000 words, or 60-80 pages. Definitely seems reasonable. And with the direct to Kindle Amazon self-publishing service (that I still have to check out), it seems easy enough! I mean still difficult, and I will want to produce something with value, but this amount of words seems a lot more feasible than the indeterminate amount of words that writing a book seemed prior to this. The motivating factor behind this being at least two-fold. One: a potential for a few hundred dollars a month, based on your ability to attract readers, and Two: creating something that will last. A published work like that can survive a long time. Certainly longer than any of the websites I’ve built–God rest their souls–and potentially longer than me!

So specific ideas that I’m having based on Tim’s guidance to start on a project in a field that you consider yourself to be better than your friends in, combining with the informational appeal and seeming integrity of the “What I’ve learned” articles and videos, and finally with the straight forward goal of 20,000 words and self-publishing, these are the first things that came to mind:

-Pick up any language quickly (communicating what I’ve learned in my propensity to pick up phonetics, phonology, orthography, and basic language principles quickly)
-A linguistic approach to language learning (trying to imbue the tenets of universal grammar, the difference between speaking and writing, the idea of language as a living set of ideas, etc. to help others better crack the subject of language learning in general

-Nuclear Fusion will save us (a wide-audience description of what nuclear fusion is and what it promises)

Another appeal to committing to writing something like this is to really go through the process of validating all of my assumptions about these fields as well. For each question that I have, getting to a source material to answer the question and to provide it in an understandable, digestible way to others

Also the idea of becoming a better writer in the progress. Establishing myself as a focused individual who can produce a piece of work. An enjoyable piece of work.