Sem. 1 / Week 2 Review

So it’s actually the first day of week three and I am WAY behind. I mentioned in my last weekly update that I hadn’t received the books for my Nuclear Science or Physics classes until week 2, but that I was able to stay on track at least for Calculus. I know that am undertaking a highly ambitious plan–what with my 10 hour-a-day job, family life, and the mortal human requirements of “eat” and “sleep”—but I prefer to embrace these kind of large challenges with aggressive experimentation. I still have no doubt that I will be fully prepared to take on a formal graduate-level Nuclear Science program by Fall 2017, when I plan to actually begin classes, but hitting my very first self-education self-set timeline might be an issue. I may have given myself too little time, based on the realistic priorities of time that I face with the aforementioned life facts. These blog posts serve as my progress reports and if I do not hit the course completion goals by the end of the four weeks I planned for Semester 1, I will break into the buffer week. If I still can’t make it, I will kick it into high–“drop everything and study”–gear so that I can start with Semester 2.

So my more quantitative progress report is as follows:

  • 22.05 – Neutron and Reactor Physics – I have completed lectures 1-5 out of 25 including EEL Chapter 1-3 (20% Complete)
  • 8.02 – Physics II / Electromagnetism – Completed weeks 1,3, and parts of 2 and 4 out of 14 (18% Complete)
  • 18.02 – Calculus II / Multivariable – Completed lectures 1-9 out of 34 (26% Complete)

Being at day one of week three I planned to be at 50-55% complete for each class.  My current progress report above makes it clear that I am behind, but–as I do plan on going into the buffer week because of not receiving my books on time, this puts me back at about 25-30% of which I am pretty close.  But I don’t settle for close, or good enough!  Back to work, Zlotu!

Later I will write a course review / critique of 22.05 Neutron and Reactor Physics (which I am really enjoying right now).

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