I’ve Become an ANS Member!

I’ve become a member of the American Nuclear Society!

I joined for a few reasons:

  • Access to Professional Publications – I want to start reading up on contemporary Nuclear Research so I can get in tune with the wavelength of discussion going on by active Nuclear Scientists.  In Semester 6 I intend to write a basic Nuclear Science Thesis paper, and I’d like to actually write to help inform or to add something to the community.  I would like to join the discussion even before I start my actual career in the field.
  • Access to Nuclear Science Mentors – I am looking for a Nuclear Science / Engineering Mentor!  I haven’t yet delved into the mentorship program that is offered by the ANS, but I intend to do so soonly (I’ve always felt that ‘soon’ should have an ‘-ly’ adverb ending…)
  • Networking – I look forward to attending conferences and events hosted by the ANS.  Not only for the networking, but also just to get more knowledgeable on the cutting edge of Nuclear Science.


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