My Course Schedule

Semester MIT # Type Course Name Due
1 22.05 NS-U Neutron Science and Reactor Physics 10/10/15
1 8.02 PH-U Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism 10/10/15
1 18.02 MH-U Multivariable Calculus 10/10/15
2 22.01 NS-U Introduction to Ionizing Radiation 11/14/15
2 8.03 PH-U Physics III: Vibrations and Waves 11/14/15
2 18.03 MH-U Differential Equations 11/14/15
3 22.02 NS-U Introduction to Applied Nuclear Physics 12/12/15
3 22.S27 NS-G Seminar: Fusion and Plasma Physics 12/12/15
3 2.06 EN-U Fluid Dynamics 12/12/15
4 22.071J NS-U Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement 1/16/16
4 8.04 PH-U Quantum Physics I 1/16/16
4 18.06 MH-U Linear Algebra 1/16/16
5 22.081J NS-U Introduction to Sustainable Energy 2/13/15
5 22.312 NS-G Engineering of Nuclear Reactors 2/13/15
5 2.59J EN-G Thermal Hydraulics in Power Technology 2/13/15
6 TH-01 TH-U THESIS I – Focus: TBD 3/16/15
7 22.091 NS-U Nuclear Reactor Safety 4/30/16
7 22.611J NS-G Introduction to Plasma Physics I 4/30/16
7 2.084J EN-G Structural Mechanics in Nuclear Power Technology 4/30/16
8 22.615 NS-G MHD Theory of Fusion Systems 6/4/16
8 8.05 PH-U Quantum Physics II 6/4/16
8 18.05 MH-U Introduction to Probability and Statistics 6/4/16
9 22.616 NS-G Plasma Transport Theory 7/2/16
9 8.06 PH-U Quantum Physics III 7/2/16
9 2.64J EN-G Superconducting Magnets 7/2/16
10 TH-02 TH-G THESIS II – Focus: Nuclear Fusion 8/6/15
11 22.033 NS-U Nuclear Systems Design Project 9/17/15
12 Apps AA-A Applications and Letters of Recommendation 11/1/15


Code Course Type / Level
NS Nuclear Science
PH Physics
MH Math
EN Engineering
TH Thesis Writing
-U Undergraduate Course
-G Graduate Course


# of Courses Course Type
12 Nuclear Science
5 Physics
4 Math
4 Engineering
25 Total MIT/OCW Courses


# of Courses Course Level
17 Undergraduate
8 Graduate
25 Total MIT/OCW Courses


# of Courses Additional
2 Thesis Writing

A few notes:

I basically used the undergraduate NSE BS degree as a guideline, with the MS/Eng degree for NSE with a focus on Nuclear Fusion Power to fill in all of the supplemental courses.  Not all of the courses required or recommended for the degrees are available on OCW.  There were a few Fusion-related graduate level courses that were not offered on OCW, but I’m sure I will make do with what I’ve got above–and I filled in some of the Fusion spots with engineering courses which will certainly help me be more literate on the mechanical side of reactor design.

I consider this to be a living document as I may swap courses based on logistics or the actual progress of the learning.  For instance, if I feel like a course is heavily overlapped by another I may waive it and move on to another course, or if I feel like I am missing something I may put a course on hold and do a prerequisite math or engineering course to get up to speed.

Each semester is 4 weeks long and has 1 “buffer” week that follows it, in case I can’t hit a timeline for work or life purposes.  Then I’ve allotted about a month and a half for applications and letters of recommendation!  I’m looking forward to that after completing all of these great courses.

Finally, I originally started with 22.02 as my first NSE course, but because the book took so long to get here, I decided to just launch with 22.05 as my first course.  Ultimately I think this is good because the 22.05 book Nuclear Reactor Physics is really straightforward and enjoyable.

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