The Ambitious Self-Ed Plan

As stated before, my approach toward the self-education is to enlighten myself (using MIT’s online OpenCourseWare – OCW) on everything Nuclear in order to gain some ground on which to enroll in an actual accredited Nuclear Science and Engineering program.

Thus, my concrete plan is to complete the MIT curricula for the following:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in NSE with an emphasis in Fusion Technology

[See the degree requirements BS NSE and MS NSE]

But as you may have gathered, the OCW system doesn’t actually offer official MIT credit hours for completing the OCW courses, however this is no matter…  The goal here is knowledge and the education.  I endeavor to understand the theories, concepts, formulas, and practical examples of Nuclear Science.  I want to be competent in working out real and theoretical applications and problem sets in preparation for being an Engineer in Nuclear Fusion Power.  This will require me to put in the hours and the energy in hopes of converting this energy to into matter (E = mc2 Woo!) in the form of certificates and qualifications down the road.

Clever metaphor, I know.

But now you may be questioning: “okay, Zlotu, so how many light years do you have allotted for this endeavor?” To which I would snobbishly reply that “a light year is a measure of distance, not time,” before realizing that I’ve just insulted someone so kind as to read my Physics blog, and would then quickly retract in favor of a more serious reply of: one Earth year.

Stay tuned for the actual schedule, broken out into atomic energy shells (semesters)!

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