My Initial Trajectory

To complete my quest I could just show up to the door of the International Thermo-Nuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) facility in Cadarache, France, and apply to be their lead engineer in the Nuclear Fusion Power department…

But, seeing as my current qualifications include a B.A. in Linguistics, and 3 years managing prisoners, that could lead to a disastrous result—such as the release of 30-million-degree hydrogen plasma into the atmosphere–consequently igniting the skies over France and resulting in thousands of burnt croissants.  (Not really, but you get the point: Nuclear Engineering requires some schoolin’.)


To reduce the probability of igniting the ether around us I’d like to add a few qualifications to my nuclear utility belt prior to applying for the job.

Here’s my 3-step plan to do that:

  1. Teach myself how to become a Nuclear Engineer (Self-Education)
  2. Obtain Qualifications as a Nuclear Engineer (Formal/Institutional Education)
  3. Champion the effort in Nuclear Fusion Power Research & Development (Work!)

Simple, no?  Stay tuned and I’ll elaborate more with timelines and other side-quests.

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