Physics II Lessons Complete!

Finally an Update.

I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure I have a multitude of excuses, but here’s the long overdue update:

I’ve completed the lessons / sessions for Physics II: Electromagnetism! It’s way overdue, and I’m only about 60% finished with Calc II, and 60% finished with NR Science, but I pushed to finish Phys II.  Partly because it is extremely interesting and fundamental (to more advanced topics in physics) and partly because I was just on a roll with it!

My biggest self-study lesson so far:

  • Eliminate distractions while you’re studying.  When you’re studying (learning), you’re studying.  Any amount of distraction: background TV, adjacent conversations, even music will logarithmically decrease the level of deep concentration, and thus the comprehension of the topics in the text.  This one seems obvious to me, but I think that some “multi-tasking” proponents would contest.  However, especially when teaching yourself, you need a clear mind — with all available channels and variable storage bins to absorb and visualize the concepts of physics